26 Things in 2,651 miles.


We drove from FL to KS for Christmas. I saw parts of the country I never have before, and learned that in almost all of it, people really HATE our President. Here are a few other things I learned along the way.

  1. My M-I-L is not a spontaneous hugger.
  2. She did surprise me though, with her emerging, life-after- divorce sense of humor.
  3. Archie (fancy blogger would link here to Archie Bunker’s wiki page) and I fought a LOT before we left. I still haven’t recovered from how hurtful his words were.
  4. I may not be crazy about my sisters in law, as Archie pointed out in a fight, and I realized they aren’t overjoyed about me either, so there.
  5. I had NO IDEA how much my husband likes Lady GaGa, but I get it now.
  6. I didn’t send a resume with my grad school app, or discuss in my personal statement the areas I need improvement in to be a professional social worker.
  7. I really, really enjoyed my first ever full week of vacation. I’m more of an adult now. I am slowly starting to understand why people say things like “There is so much at home I’d rather be doing then be here.”
  8. As the prime rib was cooking at my M-I-L’s on Christmas eve, it made me crave mashed potatoes, and brought back awesome memories of my mom’s pot roast, which we always had with mashed potatoes, which was my job to prepare as a kid. This made me very, very homesick (fancy blogger would link previous post here written recently about being homesick).
  9. My grieving and anxiety about Christmas were so much worse than the actual days. I feel silly for how many nights earlier this month I spent laying in my bed at all hours of the night, crying and crying and crying. I only cried a little on Christmas Day. And I was sleepless on Christmas Eve for three hours from drinking too much good wine.
  10. That being said, it is still REALLY HARD to call my family on Christmas. It’s hard for them to pick up the phone, too. The conversations are short, with promises to talk again soon. This devastates me(link here to survival’s daughter, original blog).
  11. I’m doing a TREMENDOUS amount of maturing and growing up right now. It really sucks.
  12. NEWSFLASH: Being married, forgiving and letting go ARE REALLY HARD SOMETIMES.
  13. I really do genuinely love football.
  14. I had NO IDEA Texarkana was an actual city. I thought it was an expression like “Tex-Mex” that described the culture and lifestyle of that part of the country. Much like people think I’m in the mob, or know people in the mob, because I’m from Jersey.
  15. Also, I thought it was Tul-e-po. Not Tupelo.
  16. There are things about living in Gainesvegas that make me want to roll my eyes so far into my head that I fear they’ll never come back down. I don’t know that I’ll EVER understand college football, and possibly getting my MSW online won’t help.
  17. I started using the memo pad on my Blackberry to keep track of Christmas present ideas for our families next year. I also started 2 other “notes”, one with blogging thoughts, ideas and inspirations. It’s proven very helpful already.
  18. I’m not going to keep searching for someone to develop/design/create my blog for me. Either they cost too much, or they don’t respond to my queries. I’ll plod along and be patient with myself, and not worry so much about how pretty it looks. Although, I have some REALLY VIVID ideas for my masthead.
  19. I don’t care anymore how many twitter followers I have, and I need to make more of an effort to connect with the people I read every day.
  20. I’m also not crazy about the name/title of this blog, as not every aspect of my life is a calamity, and I HATE people who complain. But again, evolution over time.
  21. Despite all my best efforts, my Jersey accent still comes through when I least expect it.
  22. I miss a lot of things about winter.
  23. Like fireplaces.
  24. Wool sweaters, not so much.
  25. I love road trips.
  26. I love my husband, and he loves me.

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