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10 on Tuesday


It’s late and I’m tired. I found this list today while catching up on my reading, and I liked it, and I am a total sucker for lists. 1. If you could change anything about your physical appearance, what would it be? I would be stretch mark and cellulite free. 2. Is there a habit in others that […]

We drove from FL to KS for Christmas. I saw parts of the country I never have before, and learned that in almost all of it, people really HATE our President. Here are a few other things I learned along the way. My M-I-L is not a spontaneous hugger. She did surprise me though, with […]

It’s been 14 days since I last posted. FOURTEEN. I suck at this blogging thing so far. And Twitter, too. I started a post last week after I went to pay bills on PAYDAY Friday. I haven’t finished it yet. Today I’m feeling a little ill. There is not enough tea on the planet to […]

This morning I weaved my way in and out of traffic to avoid one of those trucks that carries all the cars. There weren’t any cars on it, but he was moving along rather quickly and I wanted him to see me, and be out of his way. It was fun, made me feel like […]



One day last week at work I got to tell the story about the squirrels who would steal the socks from the clothesline that Mom always put out on the deck. Dad was sitting in his chair, and happened to see, out of the corner of his eye, a critter with sock in mouth scurry […]

I just finished reading A Thousand Days in Venice, by Marlene De Blasi. This is completely not related to my previous and first ever post here at calamityshana about my getting engaged in Venice. It’s just that I always mark the pages of my favorite quotes as I read a book and I want a […]

I got engaged in Venice on January 2nd, 2005. It rained the whole time we were there, and after dinner that night, Adam wanted to go for a walk. I did not. Everyone else went back to the warm, dry hotel. We went for a walk. We walked along the canal, and stopped to watch […]